At iQuery Australia we believe that Education should enable and empower students not only to gain employment but to cultivate a career based on their value system. That's why we will support you in your vision of what you would like to be. Therefore, getting you a place at your chosen university or an institution is only a spin-off of our core purpose of connecting Australia and India.

Through us, you can access all the three sectors of education in Australia - School, Vocational Education and Higher Education. You can complete your primary or secondary school in a world-class Australian school or gain skills in your areas of interest from an accredited training provider or technical college. If you are a higher education student, you can gain your undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications or pursue exciting research opportunities in some of the world’s top universities. You could even choose to gain your Masters Degree by research.

First, we listen to you so we can understand your aspirations and dreams. Then, we can help you identify the right course at your preferred school, university or other training provider. If you are not sure or need more information to make your choice, we can provide guidance around identifying the educational institution that you feel happy to be a part of. We will also recommend states or regions to study in and the most appropriate campus to suit your needs. We are always guided by what you want in your life.


Have a look at some of the Australian educational institutions you could be studying at.