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Why Choose iQuery

iQuery Australia is an educational start up based in australia and aims to enable institutions and individuals engage with educational opportunities in Australia, New Zealand and globally


iQuery engages in consultancy and relationship building with universities, colleges, schools and students in Australia, India, Kenya, Maldives and Morocco.


The iQuery Australia model is derived from our personal and professional experiences related to university, vocational, English language and school education in Australia and India. Strong academic and research backgrounds together with deeper cultural connections enable us become cultural bridges between our partners from around the world and be an effective conduit of partnerships.

Principles of authenticity, efficiency, innovation, professionalism, transparency and trust guide us in building and nurturing great relationships!

iQuery Australia is guided by partnering MARA registered migration professionals, PIER certified educational consultants, academics and business leaders.

Tell us what you want from Australia.. We will provide you relevant, reliable and significant information to help you make an informed decision.


We will remain reachable for support throughout your time in Australia!!
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